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The FEISTY News for Women is an independent Feminist News Site and Video News Show that highlights important women’s issues and celebrates the FEISTY Women taking ACTION to create solutions for problems in our society. We offer the latest women’s news and analysis, original interviews, opinions and lifestyle education for the advancement of women.

The FEISTY News Site is updated daily with fresh news and analysis of world news, women’s rights issues, women’s health news, crimes involving women, women’s lifestyle features, women’s entertainment news, women in business news, women in politics news and women in technology news. 

New episodes of The FEISTY News Show are posted every week on The FEISTY News YouTube, The FEISTY News Instagram, The FEISTY News Tik Tok and The FEISTY News Facebook page.  Te-Erika is the creator, publisher and host of The Feisty News. She is also a multi-media journalist, author and Social Influencer. Te-Erika manages a team of professional writers who contribute to The FEISTY News platform.

FEISTY WOMEN are women who are taking ACTION to solve problems in our society. All women who are making effort to improve the world and creating pathways for others to do the same are invited to be featured and participate as guests on The FEISTY News SHOW. Reach out and let us know how FEISTY you are being in this world. 

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