Friday, December 1

Do you want to learn how to make your life more positive and thrilling? A new study has shown that keeping good news a secret before you tell your favorite person boosts your energy levels and makes you feel more excited about life.

Published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, a report showed that a pre-study survey of 500 people found that 76% said the first thing they would do upon learning good news is share it with someone.

But the experts advise against spilling the beans too early. “Having extra time – days, weeks or even longer – to imagine the joyful surprise on another person’s face allows us more time with this exciting moment, even if only in our own minds,” shares Michael Slepian, the author of the study.

The longer you mentally marinate your juicy experience, the more you will feel that life is worth living. For every day that you keep your good news to yourself, you get to enjoy the thrill of it, enriching your life more than you know.

The next time you experience one of these cool life experiences, hold off on sharing it, for at least a week, and watch how your mood shifts to glee for nearly the entire week.

10 Secrets Every Woman Should Keep…For at least a week

  1. A new love interest.
  2. Landing a dream job or a significant career advancement.
  3. Winning a prize or award.
  4. Reaching a financial goal.
  5. Buying yourself a gift you’ve always wanted.
  6. A pregnancy.
  7. Deciding to do something drastic that no one you know has ever done.
  8. Deciding to go on a solo trip.
  9. Starting a new business or making your first sale in your new business.
  10. Achievement of a personal goal like publishing a book.

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