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Birth control offers us the freedom to make choices about when, or even if, we want to become mothers. It’s like having a magical shield that protects us from unplanned pregnancies and lets us plan our lives on our own terms. Whether you’re chasing career dreams, exploring the world, or simply enjoying your fabulous single life, your favorite birth control option has got your back!

Birth control can be a superhero when it comes to managing those pesky period problems. Say goodbye to cramps from the seventh circle of hell, heavy flows that make you feel like you’re starring in a horror movie, and mood swings that rival the drama of a Shakespearean tragedy. Birth control can swoop in like a knight in shining armor, making your periods more predictable, lighter, and less painful.

And let’s not forget the glow-up! Birth control can work wonders for your skin by taming those hormone-induced breakouts. It’s like having your own personal skincare assistant. Plus, it can help with other health issues like managing endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), and more. It’s basically a one-size-fits-many solution to a host of female health concerns.

So, my fabulous ladies, embrace the power of birth control with open arms and a heart full of gratitude. It’s a tool that lets you live life on your own terms, take care of your health, and enjoy the freedom to be the incredible, unstoppable force of nature that you are.

The Feisty News for Women has conducted a poll of our readers to determine which are the 5 favorite birth control options for women. We present the best options for birth control with birth control reviews. Here’s to choices, empowerment, and living your best life!

The List: 5 Favorite Birth Control Options, Recommended by Women

1.  Pull Out and Pray

The most popular birth control option for women is the Pull Out and Pray method. Most women enjoy their sexual satisfaction raw, without birth control protection and depend on a) the man to remember to withdraw before ejaculation and b) the good Lord to grant them the favor of a new menstrual cycle. The Pull Out and Pray method works most often, however, the ONE time it doesn’t you will never depend on it again.

2. Nexplanon

The second most popular method of birth control among women is the Nexplanon implant. The Nexplanon implant is a very small rod inserted under the skin of a woman’s upper arm to provide birth control. It is invisible and prevents pregnancy for up to 4 years. Women enjoy this carefree option despite the reported side effects.

3. Mirena IUD

The Mirena IUD is a hormonal intrauterine device that provides long-term birth control for women. The device is a T-shaped plastic frame that’s inserted into the uterus and remains for up to 7 years, eliminating the need for regular doctor visits to maintain birth control.

Mirena prevents pregnancy by releasing the hormone progestin which thickens the mucus of the cervix so that the sperm can not reach or fertilize an egg. The Mirena also thins out the lining of the uterus and suppresses ovulation.

Although there are other brands of IUDs, (Kyleena, Liletta, Paragard and Skyla), the Mirena is the most often used long term birth choice because it nearly eliminates periods, allowing women to set it and forget it. Multiple women report that Mirena “holds me down”.

4. Ovulation Tracking

The fourth most common birth control option is ovulation tracking.  Ovulation tracking is understanding and recognizing when you have entered the fertile window of your menstrual cycle and abstaining from sex or use a condom during that time.

There are several ways to track your ovulation such as using a calendar, tracking your basal body temperature or using an ovulation predictor kit. Most women who elect to use the ovulation tracking method of birth control do so because they do not want hormones introduced into their bodies and/or other birth control methods have caused too many complications.

5. Condoms

It goes without saying that women will use a condom with their committed partner, only if they have to. Condoms are thin pouches that are intended to keep sperm from getting into the vagina. Condoms are also effective against most sexually transmitted diseases. Most women who choose condoms as their favorite method of birth control use it in conjunction with ovulation tracking or with men they do not trust.

Leave a comment to let us know which method of birth control is your favorite and why!

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