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Weaving Rights Into Women’s Realities:

Disabled Women’s Rights Defenders in the Global Context: a Conversation on Using CRPD and CEDAW

November 17, 2022 at 12pm EST

Moderator: Dr. Jewelles Smith
Panelists: Musola Kaseketi, Patrycja Polczyk, and Celine Osukwu

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Join Dr. Jewelles Smith with Musola Kaseketi, Patrycja Polczyk, and Celine Osukwu for a conversation between four disabled women’s human rights defenders. The CRPD is an effective tool and can be used to both educate disabled citizens and challenge discrimination. This panel will be an engaging discussion exploring the intersections of the UN Convention on the rights of disabilities (CRPD) and CEDAW, the UN Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women. In particular, each woman will discuss her work in the context of her own country, and connected to a broader community of activists.

In this session we will explore:

  • The intersections of the UN Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities (CRPD) and CEDAW, the UN Convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women
  • The work of disabled women human rights defenders in different parts of the world

About the Speakers:

Dr. Jewelles Smith (Moderator)
Jewelles is a strong voice for human rights in Canada; she is a feminist disability activist, scholar, writer, and artist. Smith is passionate about Justice, equity, diversity and inclusion, in particular, at the intersections of gender and disability. Her current work is focused on housing, sexual & reproductive rights, climate action, and democratic engagement. Jewelles lives on the pacific coast of British Columbia with her service dog, DaVinci.

Musola C Kaseketi
Zambia’s first Female Film Director and International Award Winner, Musola C. Kaseketi is a Human Rights Advocate biased to women and girls with disabilities who uses film as a tool to bring hope to the hopeless.


Patrycja Polczyk
Patrycja Polczyk is a social anthropologist, philosopher, researcher, woman with disability, and feminist. Patrycja is a published author of scholar papers and articles in mainstream media, with Disability Studies and Auto-etnography as her main research interests. Her experience comes from studying, taking part in international Summer Schools and research projects. She is currently working in customer care, but trying to find time for personal passions – researching, traveling, reading and writing old-school paper letters.

Celine Osukwu
Celine is a global disability and women’s rights activist. She also leads civil society organizations such as the Divine Foundation for Disabled Persons and government agencies in advocacy and programs aimed at improving the lives of indigent persons as well as promoting inclusion of marginalized groups, especially persons with disabilities.


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