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A former MAC Cosmetics worker revealed how a customer once returned makeup wipes because they “burned.”

The TikTok video begins with a stitch from @KenyaBroadnax about “customers using strange products.” Then, it cuts to user Alexandria (@alexandriaberea) who recounts a weird customer encounter that occurred when she worked for MAC Cosmetics.

According to Alexandria, one day a woman came in to return makeup wipes because they “burned” after she used them. Alexandria asked the customer how she was using the wipes. “Well, after I boo-boo, every time I wipe my a**, it burns,” the lady responded. Alexandria said she burst into laughter: “Ma’am, they’re makeup wipes, not flushable wipes.”

@alexandriaberea #stitch with @KenyaBroadnax like who spends almost $40 at a makeuo counter for butt wipes?!?!😭😩 #retailproblems #retailstories #retailjokes #makeupcounter #jokes #fypシ ♬ Cena Engraçada e Inusitada de 3 Minutos – HarmonicoHCO

“like who spends almost $40 at a [makeup] counter for butt wipes?!?!” she captioned the video.

The video has amassed more than 118,000 views since it was posted on Sept. 12. Viewers were dumbfounded.

“I genuinely don’t know how some folks survive in this world,” one viewer wrote.

“everybody’s so creative,” a second commented sarcastically.

In addition, others shared their bizarre customer stories.

“I’ll never forget a lady was taking the Roc retinol capsules as a pill!!! She thought they were vitamins,” one user stated.

“I had a lady complaining about her face burning but she used olive oil as moisturizer. Like girl you’re baking yourself,” a second remarked.

“Not the senior couple using the KY Jelly as Jelly for sandwiches. We thought there was something wrong with the grape jelly most awkward walkie call,” a third shared.

This isn’t the only makeup wipe story going viral lately. One TikToker who was using makeup wipes on her face was recently disgusted to find a massive roach inside the packaging.

The Daily Dot reached out to Alexandria via Instagram DM and TikTok comment regarding the video.

*First Published: Sep 16, 2023, 3:28 pm CDT

Melody Heald

Melody Heald is a culture writer. Her work can be found in Glitter Magazine, BUST Magazine, and more.


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