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Forging new friendships with women can be a tad tricky, but when it finally happens, it’s like discovering a soul sister in a world filled with strangers. There’s that thrill of connection – a spark that ignites when you realize you’ve found someone who just ‘gets’ you. It’s as if the universe conspired to bring your paths together, and suddenly, you’re swapping stories, secrets, and laughter like long-lost confidantes. You find yourself finishing each other’s sentences, sharing inside jokes, and feeling an inexplicable sense of comfort in their presence.

The beauty of making a female friend as an adult is that they come with a certain depth and maturity. These newfound companions have walked their own unique paths, weathered storms, and emerged stronger and wiser. So, when you sit down for heart-to-heart conversations over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, the wisdom shared is like sweet nectar for your soul. But how do you make new female friends as an adult?

The Feisty News reached out to 6 awesome women who shared the true stories of how they met their real life besties, long after they left the school yard. I hope these 6 tips for how to make friends as an adult will give you the break through that you need to enjoy life more.


1. Attend networking events

I have moved a lot in my life and career (10 times!) and started a company 22 years ago so as a busy entrepreneur it can be hard to make friends especially later in life. I made a conscious effort to join several professional women’s networking groups, alumni clubs and trade associations in town when I first moved here for work. I originally did it to grow my business and for professional development but I have also made some great friends along the way. In one group I found a few fellow business owners who also like going to spas so we started going together on an annual retreat which has been great.

Another group gets away each winter to warm spots in Central and South America. It has been wonderful to make friends in my 40s and 50s who I can both enjoy as people and also talk shop with, even though we are in different fields we can always relate to issues as entrepreneurs and business owners. It is like having an advisory board of girlfriends who can kick your butt when you need it, join you for a mani/pedi and help you pull together a great outfit too! In these days of technology overload and isolation when it can be very lonely at the top it is great have friends to enjoy the journey.. It is good for your health mentally and physically.  ~ Paige Arnof-Fenn, CEO, Mavens & Moguls


2. Meet your guy friends’ girlfriends

We met 5 years ago . I had only been Florida that time about 4 years and she came over to my house with her then boyfriend and we hit it off. Although they broke up, we stayed in contact. She came to my wedding, and after a few years, I became the God mother to her child. We are the best of friends. We love to go on dates with each other. We love to take the kids out on play dates and I really just overall enjoy her company.  ~ Fran Hill


3. Be friendly during activities with the kids

My last female friend I made as an adult is my friend Beth. She and I hit it off right away. My husband’s son did swim in his neighborhood and I met her for the first time at a swim meet. He was friends with her through the years of course and his ex spouse was as well. But when she and I met, it was magical! We just truly hit it off. We have been friends ever since. We are going on 8 years now! We are basically the same person. We have the same life goals, thoughts, humor, and can go a period of time busy with our daily lives and when we get together it is like we did not miss a day! ~ Lisamarie Monaco, Owner, Insurance for Burial

4. Join a group activity

I have a lot of friendships that are newly forming  like my neighbor of two years, friends of friends, someone in my same profession and we have been hanging out a few times now. But the last friendship LOVE – like turned to best friend status – was in 2018.

Last female friend I made as an adult was in 2018. We met through a running group that we both attended. She was close friends with someone that I was starting to date at the time, who is now my boyfriend of five years. Although they started off as close friends, she is now one of my best friends! We fell in friendship love because we had similar interests like running, reading, Harry Potter, wine and movie nights. She became someone that I could turn to and trust with vulnerable emotions. She shared with me her struggles and I felt safe enough to share my struggles. It overall felt like a non-judgmental and safe relationship.  ~ Angela Izmirian, 34, Counselor

5. Go to public events by yourself

I moved to a completely different state as an adult and didn’t know anyone so I had to rebuild my friendship circle. I did this by attending events in the area by myself so that I could meet new people. Yes! By myself! At one of these events, I met a girl who I invited to my own birthday boat party. They brought their friends, which allowed me to expand my circle and meet even more people! Now we do monthly brunches and work out together. ~ Breonna Queen, Beauty Influencer 


6. Create your own events for the community

I recently made a close friend in 2020 during the pandemic. Her name is Shalon Barnett. We were introduced by a mutual friend from church. I was hosting an event and I needed help with finding vendors. We bonded over her go-getter/businesses focused mindset. I admired her take charge attitude and her ability to turn opportunities into profit. I was an entrepreneur at the time but was not making any money. When I hosted events I didn’t make profit as the biggest part of my plan. 

Meeting her changed that for me. We became closer when I mentioned to her that I’ve always wanted to launch a non profit and she encouraged me to get it done. I admired her go getter personality and we had a mutual friend so I was open to get to know her more. As an adult it’s easy not to make meeting new friends a priority because we most likely already have long term friendships but she validated my dreams that I had tucked away for fear of not having the right things in place to make it a reality. I appreciated her support from day one when we had just met. It meant a lot to me to have support from a stranger that didn’t really know me.  ~Kiva, Influencer, The Fun Foodie Mama

How did you meet your bestie? Let us know in the comments!

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