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I don’t know why, but the Brawny paper towel guy comes to my mind when I think about wearing plaid. It doesn’t happen if I am wearing plaid in the spring or summer, but come fall, the image of a lumberjack pops into my mind. If you are like me, here are ways for you to style plaid in the fall without looking like a lumberjack.

How To Style Plaid In The Fall – Add Jewelry

Yes, I know that men wear jewelry also, but the type of jewelry I am talking about is more feminine than they would wear. I love adding a necklace or large earrings to my plaid looks. Think pearls, tassels, or statement pieces, basically anything that is feminine.

How To Style Plaid In The Fall – Pants Or Skirts

Since the Brawny man always wore a flannel shirt, you can knock that image out of your head by adding plaid on your bottom half instead.

How To Style Plaid In The Fall – Don’t Go Oversized

Show your shape and curves since those vary greatly from a man’s. Lol! This one is harder these days since everything is oversized and boxy. But, just because a shirt is oversized, you don’t have to wear it that way. You can tuck your shirt in for a slimmer look, you can do a half-tuck to get the same effect, or you can tie it as I have in this photo. All of those suggestions will show your shape, and that is what we are after.

How To Style Plaid In The Fall – Add A Feminine Touch

When it comes to plaid, you don’t have to wear the Brawny man’s colors. He wore black and red, but choosing more feminine colors can help keep you from looking manly. Another way to keep your plaid shirts from looking too manly is by feminine details. Ruffles are trending, and I’ve seen lots of plaid shirts with ruffles that are super cute.

The Relaxed Suit Blazer and Pleated Wide Leg Trousers match, but they aren’t a set. Each piece is sold separately, and I’ve styled each piece with other items to show you how versatile these pieces are.

Look how drastically switching out the Relaxed Suit Blazer for a Shaker Stitch Cardigan changes the look! With one simple change, the outfit went from a professional look to a polished casual look.

Ignore my horrible posture in this photo and instead focus on the Long Open Front Cardigan. I love this color for fall! Normally, I love a long cardigan better than a short one, but I think the cropped cardigan looks better with the Pleated Wide Leg Trousers. What do you think?

I showed you how to style plaid in the fall using the pants. So, now let’s style the blazer another way. I love this outfit; it is polished and chic looking. These pleated Trouser Wide-Leg Pants can be worn in so many ways, and I think they would look classic with a black sweater.

Here is a different look using a plaid sweater instead of a blazer. This Tweed lady cardigan sweater looks nothing like a lumberjack, and pairing it with a silky skirt adds lots of femininity to the look. This skirt is sold out except for XXL, but this satin skirt would give you a similar look.

You wouldn’t believe how much I’ve already worn this plaid Houndstooth Blazer. It looks fabulous with pants and skirts, but I usually pair it with jeans for a polished casual look.

I bought the Tonal Plaid Jacquard Button-Up Shirt and Good Legs Flare Jeans during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. The plaid shirt is a great example of adding a feminine touch using plaid as a way to keep you from looking manly.

Another purchase from the NSale was this Leather Moto Jacket. I know it isn’t plaid, but it is on sale for 50% off, so I wanted to show it to you anyway. Lol!

More Ways To Style Plaid In The Fall Without Looking Like A Lumberjack

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