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CRITICS have pointed out that Kim Kardashian might have slipped up and revealed just how often her family receives plastic surgery.

Reddit user and original poster (OP) fedupfrfr posted a screen recording of season 2, episode 5 of The Kardashians’ Hulu show.

The Kardashians’ use of plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures are a common topic of conversation in popular cultureCredit: Hulu
Kim has often denied the use of certain cosmetic procedures although other family members have admitted to use in the pastCredit: Hulu
In her own words, Kim makes it a practice to threaten her family’s doctors to ensure they receive proper careCredit: Hulu

The video shows Kim and Kris Kardashian in a doctor’s office, with the latter lying in bed.

It is clear Kris is being prepped for surgery while Kim speaks to the doctor.

“I typically have a tradition where I threaten the doctors working on my family members with their lives, so,” says Kim.

The doctor can be heard laughing awkwardly before responding.

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“That’s fine. I’ll treat her like she’s my own mom,” he responds.

Kim concludes the conversation: “She has to wake up.”

The OP posted this video with the caption: “Classless bully out of touch Kim gives away how much they do surgeries.”

The caption alludes to what Kim says in the video when speaking to the doctor, assuming that in order for her to have a tradition, there must be a lot of surgeries.

The family has received a lot of press and has been the center of many controversies regarding their alleged use of plastic surgery.

The post was shared in a Kardashian “snark” group that complains and makes fun of the celebrities.

Part of forum’s the description reads: “We are home to Kardashian Jenner Cynics, Kritics, Skeptics, Doubters, Lurkers, Hippo-Krisy’s and even fans. We Gossip, Joke, Kritique, Scoop, Investigations, Memes, Opinions, and pictures of and for all things Kar-Jenner.”

While some might see the video as a sweet family concern and fierce protectiveness on Kim’s part, the OP and his page compatriots did not.

“The majority of the surgeries you and your family get are purely cosmetic so you consistently put your own lives at risk for the sake of vanity,” commented on user critically.

Another wrote: “Freudian slip on tradition and family members. I thought you all never get surgery.”

But the critiques go beyond just Kim potentially slipping up about a family secret.

Many Redditors brought up that Kim’s ex-husband’s mother died from complications with plastic surgery.

“I wonder if seeing what Kanye’s mom passing away after a medical cosmetic procedure did to him makes her more sensitive,” wrote one user in the same post calling her “wretched.”

Another user took to more name calling: “Shes so disgusting that her own husband’s mother died from plastic surgery yet they still all do it so routinely. That really says a lot about who they are. Despicable. Desperate. Selfish.”

Beyond plastic surgery, some users questioned the legality of Kim’s threat and the doctor’s compliance with her words.

“This is an arrestable offense. There are signs at every doc office I’ve been to that any threats or forms of abuse means [the] cops are called,” reads one comment.

Someone agreed with this assessment: “I would immediately cancel the surgery and have police escort her out of the hospital if I were that doctor.”

One commenter gave their theory as to why the doctor put up with this kind of treatment.

“This was all scripted and the Hollywood doctor was obviously doing this for clout himself. No self-respecting, professional doctor would agree to all these cameras in his hospital room, esp. for a show like the Kardashians,” the poster wrote.

Deny Deny

Kim recently stepped out at New York Fashion Week in a red snakeskin and denim get-up, but that wasn’t what people were talking about.

The reality star also showed up with full lips that fans speculate are from lip filler.

In an interview with Allure, Kim denied ever using fillers.

“A little bit of Botox,” she told the publication was all she used.

After pointing to the space between her eyebrows, she shared that she was “chilled actually.”

“No filler?” they asked.

“No filler,” Kim replied.

“Your lips and your cheeks? No filler?” they asked again.

She replied, “No filler. Never filled either one, ever.”

Continuing: “No. I’ve never had eyelash extensions. I’ve never done anything. I have a drop of mascara on today. I’ve never filled my cheeks. I’ve never filled my lips.”

Liar Liar

The Kardashians and plastic surgery have been nearly synonymous topics since the family achieved fame.

Earlier in the summer, Kim was wrapped up in another scandal as people believe she was caught lying about the plastic surgery she received.

In another Reddit post, five pictures of the star were posted to point out which procedures people believe she has undergone.

The first pic was a screengrab taken from the star’s Hulu show, the second showed Kim applying her SKKN by Kim facial cleanser, and the third appeared to be another screenshot taken from a makeup tutorial.

The post’s fourth photo was an up-close selfie that featured an arrow pointing to the “scar” under Kim’s nose while the fifth was a red carpet snapshot that appeared to capture the Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum in an unfavorable light.

 “Pinched neck from neck lift, scars around the years from facelift, scars under the nose from a nose job,” wrote one commenter, with multiple others agreeing and adding on to the assessment.

Kim has been called out by fans on multiple occasions for having cosmetic procedures done, some fans go so far as to try and spot scars from past surgeriesCredit: Getty
In an interview with Allure, Kim says that she has only ever used Botox but never any cheek or lip fillersCredit: Instagram/skims


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