Friday, December 1

Republicans chose Rep. Jim Jordan as their new nominee for speaker of the House of Representatives during internal voting Friday even though Former GOP Rep. Liz Cheney, warned them not to nominate Jordan because he was a part of Trump’s January 6th plan to overturn the government.

During a speech last week at the University of Minnesota ,Cheney, who was vice chair of the bipartisan House January 6 committee, pointed to Jordan as one of the leaders of Trump’s efforts surrounding January 6th, according to CNN.

The January 6 committee’s final report revealed that Jordan participated in calls with then President Trump and made plans to create a social media plea to Americans to get them to march to the Capitol on January 6th.

She then said that someone should ask the Ohio congressman, “Why didn’t you report to the Capitol Police what you knew Donald Trump had planned?”

It is clear that the potential nomination of Jim Jordan as Speaker of the House is a controversial topic. Jordan has been a member of the House of Representatives since 2007 and represents Ohio’s 4th congressional district. However, his potential nomination has raised concerns among some because of his past actions and statements.

Some have accused Jordan of ignoring sexual abuse allegations during his time as a wrestling coach at Ohio State University. While Jordan has denied these allegations, they have still left many questioning his fitness for the role of Speaker. In addition, Jordan has been criticized for his support of former President Donald Trump and his role in the January 6th Capitol insurrection.

Republicans still chose Jordan as their nominee for House speaker although the party may face consequences both politically and legally. It is possible that they could lose their House majority in the next election, as voters may view their support of Jordan as a betrayal of their constitutional duty.


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