Friday, December 8

LA’s March for Our Lives today filled 10-15 blocks.

Speakers before the march included survivors of mass shootings and people who had lost a parent or friend to gun violence.

Like the march in 2018, today’s marches around the nation were student-led, and many of those doing the planning and speaking were high school students.

Four years ago, one month after the mass shooting at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, students led the first March for Our Lives.

After the Buffalo NY and Uvalde TX massacres, students organized another #MarchforOurLives.

Play a slide show of sights and signs from today’s march in Los Angeles by clicking on this link:

Here are some of my favorite slogans on placards carried by today’s marchers:

~~We are not anti-gun, we are pro-life.

~~GOP senators kill children.

~~GOP = Guns Over People, so don’t vote GOP.

And of course, the central slogan from four years ago:

~~Protect Kids, Not Guns!

Kids’ right to life–to staying alive–is more important than anybody’s so-called right to own guns.

The men of 1783 never envisioned rifles that could shoot so fast with so much force and speed that a bullet could decapitate or pulverize a human being.

Ban assault rifles–no citizen has any right to carry this horrific weapon. Only soldiers in the US Armed Forces.

When the marchers go home, the streets of Los Angeles will still cry out against guns.

The benches at many bus stops carry messages about the number of persons killed daily in the US by guns.

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