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Taylor Swift’s love life has no ‘blank space’ anymore following rumored romance with Kansas City Chiefs football star Travis Kelce. Ever since Swift showed up at the tight end’s game last week – alongside his family no less – the internet has been abuzz with speculations on the how, why and since when of it all. Maybe Taylor Swift’s new romance with Travis Kelce is a publicity stunt.

The popstar on the bleacher watching her footballer beau on the field… their love story is literally a romcom coming to life. Not to mention, as so many keen-eyed Swifties have noted, a perfect reiteration of Swift’s music video for the 2008 hit song “You Belong With Me”.

The gorgeous optic is very easy on the eyes, but it also has us wondering: could this be too good to be true? Are the two really in love or in a very well-coordinated PR stunt?

In the past, Swift has largely kept her love life out of the limelight and poured them into her music. The fact that the singer now chooses to be so public about it seems wholly uncharacteristic.

And then there’s Kelce being all too symbolic when he stepped out with Swift post-game last week. First, his ensemble while exiting with her was somehow very 1989 (Taylor’s Version) coded. Unveiled last month, the re-recorded album’s cover is dominated by blue and white, with strong motifs of the beach: blue sky, white seagulls and clouds. Guess what Kelce was wearing at that time? That the two left in an open-top ‘getaway car’ totally sealed the coordinated feel of it all.

To top it off, Kelce’s been openly displaying his adoration of Swift: on his podcast, on interviews, even showing up at her Kansas City stop of Eras Tour last July.

Swift has the re-recorded 1989 coming up. And in many ways, she’s been spending the past few weeks very openly re-enacting her 2014 headline-grabbing moves: hanging out with the girl squad, dining with Sophie Turner – the ex of an ex who was once the subject of her song, and now, being in a romance so evocative of her Tom Hiddleston fling around that time period. Knowing how savvy she is, we wouldn’t be surprised if Swift has once again flexed her marketing genius.

No matter what, the “Anti-Hero” songstress certainly has made sure the world won’t shake her off while she’s on a break from the record-breaking Eras Tour.

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