Friday, December 1
Natasha Beresford, 26, wins Miss London competition.

Natasha Beresford, a 26-year-old dental nurse, has won the Miss London 2023 pageant, which is part of the “first-ever make-up-free” Miss England pageant. The competition focused on the contestants’ natural beauty and ethical values, as well as their occupations and studies, instead of their makeup and appearance.

Beresford wore a sustainable wedding dress from Shikoba Bride to the competition. She was chosen from a group of 18 contestants and will go on to compete for the Miss England crown later this year. The runner-ups in the competition were Afrose Ameen, a 23-year-old engineering student, and Temi Adeyemi, a 26-year-old accounts assistant and model. The pageant’s Beauty with a Purpose fundraiser was won by 17-year-old beauty therapy student Atlanta Richards, who raised more than $2,000 for a suicide prevention charity.

The move towards a make-up-free pageant is a step towards promoting natural beauty and ethical values in the beauty industry. It’s a refreshing change from the traditional emphasis on physical appearance and the need to conform to rigid beauty standards.

By showcasing the contestants’ occupations and studies, the pageant sends a message that beauty is not just skin deep. Natasha Beresford’s win is a testament to this and shows that beauty comes in many forms. Kudos to the organizers for promoting a more inclusive and diverse definition of beauty. We hope to see more of these types of pageants in the future.

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