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Amrita Mehta/About-Face

Since it’s been a while since I’ve last used such highly pigmented liquid eye shadows, I had to ask an expert for tips and tricks. Luckily, makeup artist Amrita Mehta was there to answer my call. 

How do you recommend applying this product?

“The Matte Fluid Eye Paints can be applied in a variety of different ways. I recommend working in thin layers and varying your tools to achieve different results. You can take the applicator straight to your eyelid or use a palette for a more controlled/precise application. Using these eye paints with a fluffy brush will result in a sheer wash of color. A flat brush is great for a solid, opaque application. An angled brush or eyeliner brush are my go-tos for a thin wing, cat eyes, or a graphic liner (my personal favorite!). A pencil brush is ideal for a pop of color in your inner corner or on the lower lash line. Last but not least, your fingers are great for an easy allover color on the lid or an on-the-go application. The eye paints are multipurpose and I find a different way to use the product every time I pick it up.”

Is there a simple way to use this product for anyone who’s unfamiliar or inexperienced with liquid eye shadow?

“The Matte Fluid Eye Paint are great for beginners and experts alike. Though the pigmentation can seem a bit intimidating at first, the liquid formula allows for plenty of playtime before setting and easy cleanup of any mistakes. I recommend you start with less product and add more (if needed) as you go. Don’t be afraid to mix colors to tone down or amp up different shades to create exactly what you’re looking for. They’re extremely versatile and really allow you to experiment making it hard to ‘mess up.'”

Do you recommend using a primer beforehand?

“Primer is optional but not necessary; it’s really up to you! Using a primer may give you a smoother canvas and a little more ‘slip,’ making it easier to blend out; but even without it, the fluid formula allows for this. When I do include primer in the process, I love to use the Shadow Fix Eye Primer from About-Face, which is long-wearing and lightweight. Once the eye paints dry down, they set themselves! It’s long-wearing, meaning no budge and no smudge.”

Can they be layered or combined?

I love mixing the Matte Fluid Eye paints on a palette or the back of my hand to create custom colors. The product is buildable so layering is also not an issue. I suggest using small amounts of the eye paint at a time when layering to avoid excess product buildup or flaking. Try applying Fractal Glitter Eye Paints on top of the matte formula for sparkle, shine, and dimension!”

Can they be paired with powder eyeshadows?

“Definitely! You can layer a powder over the matte formula once they’ve dried down—after 20 to 30 seconds of playtime. Because of this, they also work great as an eye shadow base and help create extra vibrance and opacity that powder formulas alone sometimes lack.”


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