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While mass shootings in the United States are predominantly carried out by men, there have been seven instances where women have been involved in such tragic events in the United States. In total, the seven female mass shooters have tragically ended the lives of 36 people, the first tragedy occurring in 1979 at the hands of a teenager.

Although we may never fully comprehend the motivations and circumstances of these women, we do recognize that 98% of mass shootings are committed by men which indicates that the majority of women are better equipped to emotionally navigate the complexities of life without erupting into violent outbursts.

Perhaps addressing the pressures that men and these seven women face in our society could lead us to a path of revamping the way we have conditioned ourselves to live, leading to less violence and self destruction for everyone.

The 7 Female Mass Shooters in U.S. History

1979 – Brenda Spencer, Age 16

Brenda Spencer initiated an elementary school shooting in San Diego killing two adults and wounding eight school children.

2006 – Jennifer San Marco, Age 44

Jennifer San Marco committed postal facility shootings in California that took the lives of six people.

2010 – Amy Bishop, Age 44

Amy Bishop killed three colleagues and wounded three others at a University of Alabama-Huntsville faculty meeting.

2015 – Tashfeen Malik, Age 29

Tashfeen Malik shot 14 people dead and wounded 22 others at a ocial services center in San Bernadino, California.

2015 – Latina Williams, Age 23

Latina Williams shot and killed two classmates at Louisiana Technical College in Baton Rouge, LA.

2018 – Nasim Aghdan, Age 38

Nasim Aghdan shot three people, wounding one of them critically at the YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, CA.

2023 – Audrey Hale, Age 28

Audrey Hale killed six people, including three children at a Christian elementary school in Nashville, Tennessee.

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