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As more rural women move to cities to receive education and find work, they are more likely to find men with greater financial means, which makes it increasingly difficult for undereducated men in rural areas to find a suitable partner. Based on the study by Zhang Xianling and Sheng Yinan, education plays a significant role in delaying marriage among young people, China Daily shares.

The study found that the higher the level of education one has, the more likely one is to delay getting married. This trend affects women in rural areas in particular, where the men are more likely to be uneducated. The prospect of marrying undereducated men becomes increasingly bleak as more women receive higher education. This has led to an increase in the percentage of unmarried men with only primary school education, which has risen by 8 percent since 1990, with almost 20 percent of men in this category remaining unmarried at age 40 in 2020.

The trend of delaying marriage among young people is not only an issue in rural areas, but also in urban areas. With the increasing cost of living and the desire for personal growth and development, young people are choosing to prioritize their education and career goals before getting married. In addition, social and cultural norms are shifting towards a more individualistic approach to life, which means that people are less likely to feel pressure to get married at a young age.

Furthermore, the rise in technology and social media has made it easier for people to meet and connect with others, which has led to a more diverse dating pool. This means that people are less likely to settle down with the first person they meet, and instead have the opportunity to explore different relationships and options before getting married.

Overall, the trend of delaying marriage is a complex issue that is influenced by a variety of factors, including education, financial stability, social and cultural norms, and technology. However, it is important to remember that there is no right or wrong age to get married, and that everyone should make the decision that is best for them based on their individual circumstances and goals.

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