Friday, December 8


Updos are notoriously difficult to maintain, especially if you’re going for an elegant chignon that isn’t overly styled. We tried this easy ‘do that we thought Kate Middleton would approve of (and it was also the easiest to do on ourselves). We first secured our hair in a ponytail and made a little loop on the last go-around. Then, we took the long end of the pony and pulled it through the opening, securing the ends with bobby pins. Taking the big bun, we pulled one side up and used more pins to anchor the hair down. Finally, we doused our head with a generous amount of L’Oréal’s Elnett hairspray.

It wasn’t easy going about our day trying not to disturb the hairstyle and as you can see, it remained mostly secure. The bun did fall a bit, and there were some flyaways but we think the hairspray did a pretty good job of maintaining the updo. Of course, if we had Middleton’s hairstylist on standby for touch-ups, our hair would still look perfectly coiffed at the end of the day.


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