Friday, December 8

Your body tells a story that you don’t even realize. Whenever you take off your panties and glance at yourself in the mirror you’re sending out energy into the heavens. Did you know that the way you shape your pubic hair offers insight into your personality? Read below to find out what your pubic hair says about you.

A. Trimmed- Pubic hair is clipped or trimmed but not completely removed.

If your private area is not completely nude and you have a bit of a fuzz that covers your vagina you are fun loving, careful with your life choices and you tend to overanalyze things a bit.

B. Landing Strip- Also known as French waxing. A strip of hair about ½ inch wide just above the vulva.

You think you’re sexy. You love yourself. Your landing strip is pointing to your heart because you care about yourself but you may not allow others to love you as much as you love yourself because you are guarded.

C. Brazilian – Complete removal of all hair in pubic area. Baby smooth skin.

You are young at heart. You believe you are attractive. You are self conscious to a fault. You take great care of yourself to a certain degree yet you make decisions based on popular opinions and second guess yourself a lot.

D. Au Naturel/Bush No trimming or styling of the pubic hair at all.

You’re a wild child at heart. You want to be free more than anything else. You are typically creative and artistic. You long for emotional intimacy and you wonder if you will ever be truly loved and appreciated for who you are.

E. Triangle- Hair waxed or trimmed from the sides to form a triangle so that hair can not be seen outside of panties or swimsuits.

You are mysterious. You have a ‘face’ that you show the world but underneath you are a completely different person. You care deeply for others but you won’t show it outwardly because you fear rejection or being misunderstood. 

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