Sunday, December 3

In a whirlwind seven days, Douyin’s latest sensation, live streamer Zheng Xiang Xiang, has made waves by raking in an astonishing 100 million yuan (S$18.7 million) in sales in 7 days. What sets Xiang Xiang apart is her unique style—a perpetual black halter dress reminiscent of Chinese actress Gina Jin in the 2023 film “No More Bets” and a deadpan, high-speed product introduction routine lasting a mere three seconds per item.

Xiang Xiang’s method is refreshingly straightforward—her assistant hands her a box, she showcases the product, states the price, and swiftly moves on. No upselling, no elaborate descriptions—just efficiency. Blink, and you might miss the entire product reveal. Adding to the intrigue, her live streams are adorned with piles of Hermès boxes, each product neatly packaged in the luxury brand’s signature orange.

While the glamorous backdrop may suggest a high-end shopping experience, Xiang Xiang’s products are surprisingly affordable, all priced below 10 yuan (S$1.9), akin to the Daiso model of the past. This implies that she has successfully moved an estimated ten million units in the past week alone to achieve the impressive 100 million yuan in sales.

Despite appearing as a fresh face to many, this amazing woman in business, Xiang Xiang, has been in the live stream business since 2017. However, her popularity has skyrocketed in the past month. Over the last three days, her follower count has surged to over a million, earning her the title of the “Dark Horse” of the Douyin e-commerce industry for the month of October.

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