Friday, December 8

Female surgeons have higher success rates for delivering their patients safely out of the operating room, according to a new study in JAMA Surgery. Patients who had a female surgeon had lower rates of complications – including death – after their operations, compared to those treated by male surgeons. Patients who were treated by male surgeons were 25% more likely to die within 90 days of surgery, according to Stat News.

Female surgeons represented 23% of the the 3,000 surgeons who participated in the study. The study researchers wrote that they noted a difference in patient outcomes based on physician sex.

Alexandra Kharazi, MD, a board-certified cardiothoracic surgeon practicing in San Diego, CA, and author of The Heart of Fear, believes female doctors spend more time talking to and counseling patients than male doctors do.

“Multiple studies have indicated that female physicians spend more time with their patients,” Dr. Kharazi shared with The Feisty News. “Extending this to female surgeons, time spent on the patient’s preoperative care allows more details in the history to be picked up. This allows for a better risk assessment as well as treating conditions that could potentially impact the surgery. Furthermore, after the surgery, spending more time with patient and family allows for very detail oriented treatment. A physician who spends less time with her patients may not necessarily do that whether they be male or female. But again research indicates that it’s women that are spending the extra time. ”

Dr. Kharazi explained that she also addresses her patients’ psychological concerns as part of her postoperative care which contributes to better outcomes for patients.

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