Friday, December 8


JACKSON, Tenn. – The Women in Business of Jackson met Thursday to learn safety tips. 

Jackson Police Department Officer Taylor Gibbons was the guest speaker.

“We speak on women’s self defense and it’s a great thing that we’re here speaking for the Women in Business conference so that way we can speak to those women who are in power and empower them to be able to defend themselves if they ever need that,” Gibbons said.

Director of Member Relations for the Chamber of Commerce, Cameron Hansbrough says why having events like these are important. 

“It’s important to keep the women with each other, business women, business women engaged with each other, networking, just trying to keep a solid foundation of women empowering each other,” Hansbrough said.

This event had over 100 women learning how to protect themselves in the event of something going wrong 

Gibbons shared who you contact if you are interested in these types of classes.

“Contact Captain Halford of the police department. You can call anybody at the police department, they will direct you to the right path to get there,” Gibbons said.

Their next meeting in December will be more sociable and will involve shopping.

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