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PORT ARTHUR, Texas — September 15, 2023 is the start of Hispanic Heritage Month and 12News will be sharing stories to celebrate the Southeast Texas Hispanic community.

A Port Arthur woman has built a business sharing her colorful piñatas all over Southeast Texas.

Piñatas are a longtime Mexican tradition that can take on any shape or look. They can bring life to any party.

The creative process of making beautiful piñatas is a labor of love.

“This is the first thing we do the cardboard, depending on design the people want. Let me show you, this is like number four,” said Owner of Creaciones Kris, Kristel Sabel.

She told 12News about the passion she has for her work.

“You need to love it, it’s not just something you can just watch a video and see how it’s done. No, you need to like it so it can be a job you do with passion and love,” Sabel said.

This passion was passed down from Sabel’s parents.

Originally from Torreon, Mexico the family traveled all the way to Port Arthur. Sabel’s mother, Maria Luisa De Leon had her own store. The two women are proud to be a part of this tradition.

“I feel proud that she came here to learn and what we taught her. I am just really proud,” said De Leon.

Sabel has worked hard for  the past 10 years, gaining clients from every background.

She completed another goal last year, getting her citizenship.

“God has given me the opportunity to make me a citizen of this country, and I think things are going even better than before. I am dreaming of having my actual store,” Sabel told 12News.

This is a dream she hopes to make a reality as she delights people all over Southeast Texas with a rich piece of Mexican history.

“I am proud to represent the Hispanic community here in Southeast Texas. I really like sharing my culture not only with other Hispanics but other people of other cultures,” said Sabel.

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